General Questions About the Partnership

Why are Gilbarco and Verifone entering in to this partnership?

This partnership combines the world’s leading fueling systems provider with the world’s leading payment technology company to benefit our customers' pay at the pump offering. By joining forces, we will offer next generation forecourt payment solutions and create the largest at-pump interactive digital media network worldwide.

How does this partnership benefit customers?
  • Provides unprecedented technology integration from two market leaders, solving retailer challenges around payment security, media, and emerging payment technologies.
  • Delivers a rich, scalable pump media network to help retailers drive consumers inside the store.
  • Leverages Gilbarco’s dispenser expertise and fuel-specific payment expertise with Verifone’s global payment technology and security expertise to provide a richer platform for growth.
What does the partnership entail?
  • Gilbarco will become the software and solutions integration lead and sales and service provider for forecourt payment systems developed under the partnership.
  • Verifone and Gilbarco will merge their media networks, with Verifone operating the combined media business. Verifone’s media offering, VNET, will power Gilbarco’s pump media platform.
  • Gilbarco and Verifone will collaborate on future dispenser payment platforms to meet convenience retailers’ functionality and regulatory needs worldwide. In this capacity Verifone will be the supplier of the forecourt payment solutions and technology, and Gilbarco will be the integrator and distributor.
What does the partnership NOT entail?

Verifone and Gilbarco will continue to maintain separate businesses for our in-store petro point of sale, upselling systems and consumer-facing applications.

Why did Verifone want to do this partnership?

We saw an opportunity to leverage the collective scale, expertise and access to consumer insights to provide significant business value to our clients that will help them increase sales at the pump and in-store. We see Gilbarco, with its dispenser and outdoor payment leadership, integration expertise and experience customizing and servicing payment applications worldwide, as an ideal partner. In addition, Gilbarco’s dispenser and media installed base and strong distribution in the petroleum industry provides a valuable springboard for growth of the VNET network and Verifone's in-pump payment technology.

Why did Gilbarco want to do this partnership?

We believe that our customers will benefit from aligning Verifone’s global payment expertise and experience with media and payment in other verticals more closely to our dispenser technology and outdoor payment integration expertise. Verifone works hand in hand with the leading players in payments globally, which we believe will be a great asset as we grow our forecourt payments and media business.

What markets does it cover?

This is a global partnership although the initial focus for the media partnership will be the U.S.

General Questions for Current Customers

What does this mean for existing Secure PumpPAY and PAYMEDIA customers?

Existing Secure PumpPAY and PAYMEDIA deployments will continue to receive service and support from Verifone. New deployments and associated service will be provided by Gilbarco as Verifone's channel for payment terminals.

What does this mean for current Applause TV customers?

As part of the agreement, the Gilbarco Outcast media business has been combined with the Verifone media business, with Verifone operating the combined business. Existing Applause TV sites will continue to get media uninterrupted and Verifone will honor contracts as signed. All existing and new media deployments will have content provided by VNET, Verifone's digital media network.

What does this mean for current Outcast Pump Top customers?

As part of the agreement, the Gilbarco Outcast media business has been combined with the Verifone media business, with Verifone operating the combined business. Existing Pump-top media sites will continue to get media uninterrupted and Verifone will honor contracts as signed. Content will be provided by VNET, Verifone's media network.

Does the partnership cover instore upselling platforms like LIFT and Impulse?

The partnership does not currently include collaboration on in store up-selling systems such as LiftRetail and Impulse. Both Gilbarco and Verifone will continue to provide these systems independently to the market.

General Product Questions

How does this partnership impact existing product roadmaps for dispenser payment systems?

Through this partnership Verifone and Gilbarco will consolidate media and payment terminal roadmaps and work together on innovative products to improve the consumer fueling experience.

What products will actually be sold under this partnership?

Immediately, Gilbarco will be the channel for Verifone's dispenser-based payment terminals, which currently include FlexPay, two versions of the Secure PumpPAY, and future products that the companies will jointly develop. Gilbarco will continue to provide the FlexPay II CRIND for new Gilbarco Encore 700 S dispensers and as a retrofit kit for Gilbarco's The Advantage and Encore line of dispensers. Verifone will be Gilbarco's channel for media services - Verifone's VNET.

Will you continue to sell retrofit kits for non-Gilbarco dispensers?

Yes. Gilbarco will continue to offer the full line of Verifone Secure PumpPAY payment terminals - both the MX 760 all-in-one unit for legacy dispensers and the Secure PumpPAY modular unit for modern dispensers.

Questions for Current Customers

Where do I get spare parts?

Gilbarco (and, by extension, its authorized distributors) will become the provider of all spare parts related to forecourt payment.

Who will be servicing my Secure PumpPAY devices?

Any Secure PumpPAY devices sold as part of the partnership will be serviced by Gilbarco’s service channel. Secure PumpPAY devices sold by Verifone prior to the partnership will initially continue to be serviced by Verifone’s service channel, though Gilbarco and Verifone may consolidate all support with Gilbarco in the future.

I have an open proposal from GVR or VFI for dispenser payment and media at the dispenser. What do I do?

Under the terms of the agreement Gilbarco becomes the sales and service channel for Verifone's dispenser payment products. In cooperation with our customers, Gilbarco will review all open proposals and work toward a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Who will I buy product from?

Gilbarco and Gilbarco's distribution channel will now serve as Verifone's sales channel for payment products. Please work with your local Gilbarco sales representative or distirbutor for purchase details.

Questions for Media and Advertisers

I am currently using Applause TV. Will I need to sign a new contract with Verifone?

Verifone will honor all terms and conditions of any existing contracts for Applause TV, so no new contract will be required.

What type of media access will the customer have to market on the dispenser?

Existing Applause TV customers will continue to have the access outlined in their contract. New retailers should speak to their Gilbarco sales representative about options available under the new media programs.

What is the process to transition a site from the Outcast network to the VNET network?

The content transition will be seamless to the retailer, with no action required. Your account manager will continue to work with you on your site-specific advertisements.

When will an Outcast site start running VNET?

The exact date of a "switch over" to the VNET programming will be announced in the coming week.

I am an advertiser who has bought time on the Outcast or Verifone network. What happens to my ad buy?

Your ad buy will be delivered as contracted. If you wish to extend your campaign across additional sites, please contact your Verifone Media or Outcast sales representative directly.

As an advertiser I have an existing contract with Outcast, what happens to it?

Verifone will honor all existing contracts between advertisers and Outcast. If you wish to extend your campaign across additional sites, please contact your Verifone Media or Outcast sales representative directly.

Who should I contact about buying ads on the network?

Existing customers should continue to work with their existing sales representatives For all new inquiries, please contact Verifone Media (

What about couponing and Smart Targeting programs offered by Outcast?

Verifone will continue to support couponing and Smart Targeting at currently-enabled sites, as well as expand the capabilities to additional sites in the combined network.

What are the different media formats and experiences available on the combined network?

Please contact your existing sales representative or email for a complete list of capabilities and specifications.

As an advertiser do I keep my same sales rep for buying ads for the pump network?

For the time being, please continue to work with your existing sales representative. All clients will be notified in the event of a change in their sales representation.

What is the impact of this partnership on the size of the overall network?

The Verifone and Gilbarco partnership will create the industry’s largest and most powerful interactive digital media network. For consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and brand advertisers, VNET today reaches over 95 million monthly consumers within feet of a purchase decision.

Will file formats or specs that I need to submit my material in change?

Specs for existing ad buys and stations will not change. If you wish to add additional sites to an ad buy, please make sure to request the appropriate file specs form your sales representative.

What does this mean for existing advertisers on either the Verifone or Outcast networks?

The combined network provides customers of either Verifone Media or Outcast with a larger and faster-growing footprint of sites and audience.